Getting started

银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation can help you attract job seekers, differentiate your practice, bolster your team’s morale, and put the standards of veterinary excellence into practice. While achieving 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation can seem daunting at first, it’s actually a very straightforward process. Learn more about the path to 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation below, and reach out to your 银河贵宾厅网址 Member Experience team for support at any time.

It's a journey... and you're not alone

To attain accreditation, you’ll work with a dedicated, experienced, credentialed accreditation specialist and practice consultant who will stay with you throughout the process for a period typically lasting two to six months. Your accreditation team is available to you at any time following your practice evaluation as well.

The basics of accreditation

Your practice must achieve a minimum number of points by meeting or exceeding 银河贵宾厅网址 standards. About 50 of them are mandatory; the applicable remaining standards are assessed using a points-based system. 银河贵宾厅网址 standards cover:

  • patient care,
  • your facility,
  • services, and
  • clinical protocols.

Veterinary practices of all sizes and types are members of 银河贵宾厅网址; we celebrate and recognize the diversity of the veterinary profession.


Isn’t 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation expensive?

银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation is an investment in your practice. The value you’ll receive from accreditation—including improved patient care, client service, and staff satisfaction—will be worth far more than your annual dues. And, contrary to popular belief, meeting the 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation does not require you to hire more team members or purchase expensive technology.

Check out the video below for more information on the cost of 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation.

How many standards does 银河贵宾厅网址 have?

The 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation contain more than 900 standards, but only about 50 of them are mandatory; the remaining standards are assessed using a points-based system.

Check out the video below for more information on the 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation.

Do I have to have credentialed technicians on staff to achieve 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation?

While 银河贵宾厅网址 recognizes the commitment, skills, and knowledge that credentialed technicians provide, employing credentialed technicians is not a requirement for your practice to become accredited.

How will I know if my practice is ready to become accredited?

Answering the questions in the online evaluation tool is one of the best ways to see where your practice stands. The online evaluation tool includes tips and resources, outlines and guides for creating protocols, and automatically adds your points as you go so you can track your progress.

Access online evaluation

What is the process for becoming accredited?

  • To begin the accreditation process and be designated as a “preaccredited practice,” simply contact 银河贵宾厅网址’s Member Experience team at 800-252-2242.
  • You will be asked to complete the 银河贵宾厅网址 preaccredited application agreement and pay an initial accreditation evaluation fee of $675. This fee covers the cost of your first onsite evaluation. Your membership dues cover all subsequent evaluation costs (and provide many additional benefits as well).
  • Then, your practice will be provided with a complimentary team membership, valid for up to six months or until the date of your evaluation, whichever comes first. You can begin working through your online evaluation tool.
  • You will also be assigned a dedicated accreditation specialist and a dedicated practice consultant, who will support you and your team throughout the accreditation process and act as a resource for any questions you may have.
  • Your accreditation specialist will work with you and your practice consultant to schedule your first evaluation.

Can I review 银河贵宾厅网址’s Standards of Accreditation or access the evaluation tool without becoming an 银河贵宾厅网址 member?

The 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation are copyrighted and exclusively available to 银河贵宾厅网址-accredited and preaccredited members.

If you aren’t currently an 银河贵宾厅网址 member but are interested in pursuing 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation, we can grant you access to 银河贵宾厅网址's online evaluation tool; just reach out to us at [email protected]. The online evaluation tool has additional tips and resources to help you get started, and is the best way to see how your practice compares to 银河贵宾厅网址’s standards.

Request access to online evaluation

Can I schedule a courtesy walkthrough of my practice with a practice consultant?

Yes! Courtesy visits are a great opportunity to ask your practice consultant for guidance on how to successfully meet 银河贵宾厅网址’s standards and to begin working on the process of becoming accredited. These visits are offered with no strings attached and at no charge.

Request a courtesy visit

What’s the timeframe for scheduling my first evaluation?

We will work with you to determine a timeframe based on when you believe you’ll be ready for your first evaluation (typically three to four months). We will make every effort to work with you and accommodate your goals for becoming accredited.

I am building a new practice. What 银河贵宾厅网址 standards should I reference?

The 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation include a number of structural standards that are helpful to reference when building a new practice. Please contact us to request these structural standards.

You can also check out Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design: From Renovations to New Builds, a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to planning, designing, and building a successful hospital.

Request structural standards

Does 银河贵宾厅网址 review blueprints for new practices?

Absolutely! 银河贵宾厅网址 practice consultants offer free blueprint reviews. 银河贵宾厅网址 practice consultants visit more than 100 practices every year and see a wide variety of facilities, so they can often point out things you may want to consider before your plans are finalized.

Please contact us to learn more about blueprint reviews. Or bring your blueprint to the 银河贵宾厅网址 booth at a national veterinary conference and request a review!

Request a blueprint review

How long does my practice need to be open for business before I can apply for 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation?

银河贵宾厅网址 recommends that your practice be open for at least three months before you pursue 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation, but there is no minimum requirement. However, you will need to ensure that you have a sufficient number of patients, medical records, and diagnostics in order for your practice consultant to perform a thorough evaluation.

What happens if I don’t initially achieve accreditation?

Not to worry. If you are unable to achieve 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation after your initial evaluation, your practice consultant will convert that visit into a “courtesy walkthrough,” and you won’t be penalized.

Your consultant will review any adjustments that you may need to make in order to achieve accreditation during your next visit. We will then work with you to reschedule your formal evaluation once you’ve had a chance to put your consultant’s recommendations into effect.


MYTH: 银河贵宾厅网址 has over 900 mandatory standards

"How can a hospital adhere to over 900 standards, and still find time to efficiently see patients, educate clients, manage staff, and fit in a lunch break?" 

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