Digital document management

Your 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation evaluation just got simpler

银河贵宾厅网址’s new digital document management system is now available through your online evaluation tool! This service allows you to quickly and easily upload supporting documentation—including videos, PDFs, word documents, and more—for the 银河贵宾厅网址 Standards of Accreditation as you prepare for your next 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation evaluation.

银河贵宾厅网址 launched this digital option to help reduce the amount of time and effort you spend compiling documentation in preparation for 银河贵宾厅网址 evaluations, as well as enable your 银河贵宾厅网址 accreditation team, by reviewing your documentation in advance, to be better prepared for and provide more personalized feedback during your evaluation. Your 银河贵宾厅网址 team can view your documents in real-time and will work with you to develop appropriate and timely strategies and recommendations.

You may also upload videos of your hospital through this feature, enabling your 银河贵宾厅网址 practice consultant to gain an early understanding of the current flow of your practice.

Utilizing this service is not required, but we hope you’ll take advantage of it to save time and effort in preparing for your next 银河贵宾厅网址 evaluation, thus allowing for a more collaborative, efficient, personalized experience!

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]org at any time.